• What you need to know about Minusinsk?

    May 15, 2015 in the search engine Yandex launched a new ranking algorithm "Minusinsk" aimed at combating link spam.

    Waiting for the launch of this algorithm has generated a lot of discussions and creative commercials. However, we decided to find out in detail, what are the innovations and how they affect the rankings for most sites.


    The first step is to figure out how many sites and public has been exposed to the new filter.

    A characteristic feature of getting a site under Minusinsk is its fall almost all requests for positions 15-25.

    We conducted a comprehensive analysis of changes in search results, on its results can be argued that under the new filter has got only about 80-100 out of 100,000 sites. Of course, some of them are large-scale projects, which are known to many, but the number of projects is extremely small.

    Optimizers have found two ways to test a global filter in or not.
    1. Request for in the search type "site.ru"
    If a site is not in the first place, it means that he suffered from Minusinsk.

    However, some of the sites affected by the Minusinsk vseravno in the first place for such a request and optimizers found another query:
    2. Request for comparing two URLs in the search type (url: site.ru | url: macfish.ru)
    where site.ru - address, the site and macfish.ru - address poor-quality site, located under the filter AGS
    If a bad site in the above is checked, then on check filter Minusinsk.

    And, although this design is currently running, it should be noted that requests of the form (url: site1.ru | url: site2.ru) 5 years ago stopped working as a comparison and began to show randomly issuance (one and then a second site at the top) .

    The list of sites that came under the filter (101 site)

    Today we published a list of sites that may fall under the filter for the links. Now we double checked and are ready to give a full list of currently zafiltrovannyh sites. Separately, we have identified a category who have symptoms of the reference filter (drop all requests for positions 15-20), but sought the title of the site.

    A full list can be downloaded here

    Analysis backlinks

    Since yandeksoidy at a conference said they would ban only those sites which are already more than a year in purchasing links and they are confident that they are buying links. Born assumption that they have their own sites involved in the reference markets. So we took all the backlinks of website filter and held him for some analysts.

    1. Donors who are more likely to link to zafiltrovannye sites:

    There is no such that all bought a reference to any one site. Ondako from 101 zafiltrovannogo site, purchased in 51 reference to spbit.ru. Probably, we should refrain from such donors

    Ссылка на скачку полного файла

    2. Grouping of filtered sites by donor: What are the sites of each of these, the greatest number of common donors

    And here, for example, the group's accounting sites intersect with each other, someone obviously palitsya.

    ALL zafiltrovannye sites have large intersection of donors.

    Minimum Value - 42 intersection.

    Max had profservice-moscow.ru and holodilnik.ru - 3521 overall donor

    Таблица пересечений будет интересна для изучения специалистами, скачать тут


    0 Issue became worse. Morton (who all Mos.oblast and floor panel houses built up with Russia for the last 10 years) went under the filter. And for "Morton official website" is not the official site. Why do we need such a search? Of course, it is correct in the next update, but before Yandex lecturing on new algorithms buki.yandex.ru, optimizers have studied them and reported the error. Now Yandex puts untested algorithms immediately in production.

    1. Rather, yandeksoidy did not use its own platform for identifying purchased links that, in principle, reasonable - purchased links they have learned to identify a few years ago.

    2. Under the filter were sites that had more than 1000 references (and purchased not. Determine the number of paid links we, in principle, we can, but it's very labor-intensive).

    3. References play an important role in the promotion, apparently their role will increase in the near future. But now the number of links is limited, so you need to carefully choose a donor and the pages for the purchase.

    What are you waiting for further research.

    We now turn two topics, we are waiting for that you will vote for one of them, based on your votes, we will choose the next topic for research:

    1. Take the top donors to look at whom they refer, to identify top customers with these donors. If the list of top customers coincide with the list of banned sites, it will mean that yandeksoidy still have net sites on the exchanges. If you do not coincide - to track the fate of the top buyers.

    2. Take the highly competitive demands, to see which sites have the stamp of a large number of links. View of the reference profile, look at the intersection of the reference profile with a reference profile zafiltrovannyh sites. At the same time angry that little zafiltrovali, and no more. Try to understand the reasons why they are not zafiltrovali.

    3. Analyze the reference profile of the top donors zafiltrovannyh site may reference profile if the donor much bad links from it are considered to be negative.

    As you can see, under the Minusinsk were sites with a bad reference profile, which in this case included more than 1,000 unique donors. For the vast number of sites, this figure is very large, because unique reference number in this case may be substantially greater (with a single donor may be tens or hundreds of unique reference).

    But it is worth noting that if the site has a balanced profile reference (even from purchased links), then a new filter it fell. Even if there are several thousands of unique donors.

    As you can see, even a site with 7,000 unique donors, most of which apparently is purchased, does not come under the filter.


    As a result of the introduction of the new algorithm can be stated that for the vast majority of sites links begin to work much better. This is due to the fact that the few dozen sites that were zafiltrovany in many subject areas occupy first place. Thus, sites with a few hundred bought links and balanced reference profiles have risen in the rankings.

    Over the last month the maximum growth achieved precisely the site that links purchased in April and worked on the balance of the reference profile.

    Minusinsk algorithm operates only when a single browser prodvizhenets logged in automatic promotion and Yandex Webmaster.