Terms of use


user agreement given here regulates the terms of the agreement between the Contractor (WEB-studio SeoStudio) and the Customer to purchase services through our website located at http://seostudio.us. We ask you to carefully read the information on this page to the terms of the contract.

1. Introduction.
The customer agrees to the terms stipulated in this agreement, with all respect to the services and information provided through our website. This agreement is a contract between the Contractor and the Client, supersedes any prior or other agreements, contracts and guarantees, and stipulates everything about the services and information provided through the site. The Customer undertakes to read the user agreement and accept the terms and conditions set out therein prior to entering into a contract for services.

1.1. WEB-studio SeoStudio provides its clients with premium services in the design, creation, hosting, maintenance and promotion of sites on the Internet.

1.2. Placing your site to our site has no time restrictions, provided thorough compliance with this Agreement and timely payment for the use of web hosting. The cost of placing the site on our servers installed at the time of conclusion of the contract and in the future may be subject to indexation.

1.3. The Client undertakes to comply with this User Agreement, the relevance of which is certified by this document. All changes made to the document, shall take effect immediately after the publication of the new version. Users who are not familiar with the updated agreement shall not be exempt from liability for failure to comply with the new rules.

1.4. User Agreement is not subject to the establishment between the Client and WEB-studio SeoStudio agency relationship, partnership relations, relations on joint activities, relationships, personal hiring, or any other relationship, and not a contract of a public offer. This agreement governs your activity against established (created) contact the project in order to provide you with adequate security and avoid any problematic situations.

1.5. WEB-studio SeoStudio reserves the right to change this agreement at any time without prior notice.

2. Information about registration and user safety.WEB-studio SeoStudio reserves the right to remove any customer's account in case of a wrong he / incomplete / incorrect information.

2.1. Ordering creation of a site in our studio, you get to complete the relevant work the following registration information: username and password. Username and password are required to access the administration panel of your website. We strongly recommend that you keep the increased vigilance with regard to such data, prevent their loss and transfer to third parties.

2.2. You are fully responsible for the safety of the registration data. WEB-studio SeoStudio is not responsible for any problems that may arise with your website in case you lost the password. By entering into a contract with us, you agree that the WEB-studio SeoStudio has every right to refuse to authenticate at the same time you have no username and password.

3. Payment of our services.
Customer understands the need for timely payment of our services and ensure its implementation. Customer agrees to make an advance payment of 50% of the cost of services before the start of the relevant activities and to make additional payment within 5 business days after the completion of the project. In turn, the WEB-studio SeoStudio ensures timely delivery. In the absence of confirmation of payment on time SeoStudio WEB-studio refused further cooperation with the Customer.

4. Copyright and content.
Content SeoStudio WEB-studio website is protected, including the attached trademarks (including, but not limited to intellectual property). Any actions related to unauthorized use of materials, as well as copying, redistribution, use or publication of the full contents or any part of the site SeoStudio WEB-studio, without our consent, is strictly prohibited.
4.1. You agree that it is you who are responsible for all materials published on your site. WEB-studio SeoStudio assumes no responsibility for material posted on your site. The opinions expressed in the pages of your site may not coincide with that SeoStudio WEB-studio.

4.2. Created by WEB-studio SeoStudio sites may not be used to place the following types of information:

4.2.1. pornography;

4.2.2. Propaganda of hatred and / or discrimination against people on racial, ethnic, sexual, religious or social grounds;

4.2.3. Defamation and / or insults to third parties and organizations, including the use of obscene language in order to achieve this goal;

4.2.4. A malicious program designed to interrupt, destroy or limit the functionality of any equipment or other software serial numbers to commercial software products and programs for their generation, means to gain unauthorized access to sites on the Internet, as well as links to relevant information;

4.2.5. intellectual property, which were decorated with copyrights, copies of sites, pages or individual elements from other projects posted on the Internet, if the copy prohibited original owners (plagiarism);

4.2.6. Materials prohibited by the legislation of the Russian Federation, including materials calling to commit illegal activities, explaining the procedure for the use of explosives, weapons, training and the production of malware m.

4.3. You also agree to comply with in relation to the administration SeoStudio WEB-studios, other users and your visitors rules of network ethics. Please note, WEB-studio SeoStudio not taken over:

4.3.1. Creating websites, top pages which consist entirely of links to other sites;

4.3.2. Posted on the website of objects (text and binary), which can not be achieved by passage of the links from the main page of the site;

4.3.3. Create pop-ups on sites (of entering or leaving a site, pop-up and pop-under), the contents of which downloaded from another site;

4.3.4. Using techniques to promote websites so-called "black SEO": e-mail advertising by mail (spam), counters cheat search engines, posting pages automatically transform to another website (cloaking), "plum" traffic and etc;

4.3.5. Redundant internal domain hosting names for resale (cybersquatting).

5. Editing, deletion and modification of information on our website.
WEB-studio SeoStudio reserves the exclusive right to edit, remove or install on our website any information (services). WEB-studio SeoStudio may modify this Agreement, or the prices of the services provided without specific notice to the Customer, if it is not stipulated in the service agreement. The modification of this Agreement shall enter into force immediately after its publication on the website and apply to all transactions concluded after its publication.

6. Resources.

6.1. You agree to use SeoStudio WEB-studio services in the form in which they exist ( "as is").

6.2. WEB-studio SeoStudio not be liable for any loss of data on the site, any errors or failures in the system and possible delays in the transmission of data related to maintenance work on the part of the hosting provider.

6.3. You understand that the resources SeoStudio WEB-studio, in spite of their significance is not unlimited, and rendering them in droves standard requires the introduction of restrictions on their use. The limitations established for the various services, are subject to change over time depending on the number of participants and resource their projects. Limitations and degrees of freedom at the moment:

6.3.1. User Site Size is not limited to, including the size of the files and drawings of the site;

6.3.2. There is no limit to the number placed on the content site.

6.4. If the user does not make timely payment of the domain, access to the site is temporarily suspended and the information is transferred to the archive site. If within a certain time after the suspension of access to the site owner and shows no activity - the domain is released for a new registration.

6.5. WEB-studio SeoStudio may discontinue any of its services by prior notice.

6.6. WEB-studio SeoStudio can simultaneously stop all services for general prevention and renovation service. This can occur both prior notice and without prior notice.

6.7. WEB-studio SeoStudio has every right to block access to the services of the project to any site owner in the event of breach of this agreement, and, as in the case of receipt of justified complaints by the public organizations and Internet users.

7. Right of refusal.
WEB-studio SeoStudio reserves the right in its sole discretion to terminate the provision of services, as well as control access to payment services. WEB-studio SeoStudio may restrict customer access in its sole discretion and without prior notice due to lack of payment orders or spam, as well as abusive and / or incomprehensible filling all the information coming from the client.

8. Limitation of Liability.
Our services, content, and services provided by other services are provided "as is" and "as available" basis. Sole and entire maximum liability SeoStudio WEB-studio for any reason, the buyer, the one and only payment for any reason will be limited to the amount paid by the customer for the purchase of specific services. WEB-studio SeoStudio is not responsible for any indirect, special, incidental, or consequential damages (including damages and loss of business, loss of income, legal proceedings, or such losses and waste), regardless of whether they are based on breach of contract, breach of warranty , negligence (including negligence), as a result of using the service or otherwise, even if previously been advised of the possibility of such damages. Limitations of damages set forth above, there are fundamental elements of the foundations of the transaction between the WEB-studio SeoStudio and the Customer. Services provided by WEB-studio SeoStudio, should not be considered without such restrictions. Some state laws may be applied with respect to the limitation of liability.

9. Use of Information.
WEB-studio SeoStudio reserves the right and Customer authorizes SeoStudio WEB-studio on the intended use of all the information provided by the customer, according to the applicable laws of the Russian Federation. WEB-studio SeoStudio in turn guarantees the confidentiality of the information provided by the Customer.

10. Miscellaneous.
All works, intellectual property, including unpaid basic image editors belong SeoStudio WEB-studio.

In case of you have questions about any of the conditions voiced above, send us a message to our e-mail box, or use the special contact form.