Terms of payment

You do not necessarily pay for everything at once.
Choose a payment system for yourself!

In the market search promotion sites there are a large variety of forms and payment models.
Often the customer attempt to understand the peculiarities of each particular scheme turns to answered by a serious waste of mental effort and nerve cells.
The company BDBD offers simple and transparent payment terms, which are directly dependent on the technical condition of the web site and the extent of its development at the time of commencement of work.

    • A fixed monthly fee to promote your site

      will be offered to you if:
      - your site just created, or you have previously not engaged in its development by means of promotion;
      - you need a comprehensive approach to improve the SEO parameters of the site;
      - for you are important financial investment in the development of web-resource and guaranteed returns in the future


    • Website promotion pay-per-traffic / clicks / position

      it will be offered to you if:
      - you have developed a web resource with sufficient range of products / services;
      - Internet platform structure meets the requirements of search engines;
      - you have a successful experience of promotion of the site, which already has the appearance / attendance in the search engines;
      - are willing to pay for real customers interested in your products / services


    • Payment for targeted action / percentage of online sales

      will be offered to you if:
      - You have developed a site with accumulated showgirl conversion site (goals / transactions);
      - your profit depends on online sales;
      - you measure the result in the number of beneficial actions on the site: calls / requests / subscriptions